1st       Fri         Pelham Arms, Gravesend
StrumBums 9pm
2nd     Sat         Royal Oak, Bexleyheath 
solo 9pm
     Sun       House at Home, Maidstone Strumbum 8pm
7th     Thurs     Charlotte, Crayford
Strumbums 9pm
14th    Thurs    Railway, Sole st.
StrumBums 9pm  
15th     Fri          Kings Head, Wickham solo 9pm
21st     Thurs    Charlotte, Crayford Strumbums 9pm
23rd     Sat         Kings Head, Deal solo 9pm
24th     Sun   1pm strumbums Kings Head, Staplehurst
                        4pm StrumBums Millers cottage Gravesend
                         8.30pm solo Jolly Fenman, BlackFen
28th     Thurs      Ship, Whitstable solo 9pm
29th     Fri         Glasshouse, New Malden
solo 8pm
31st     Sun      Kings Head Deal Strumbums outside 3pm
                          8.30pm Malt Shovel

Thanks for your continued support at all the gigs... 

Gig List 2014
Some favourite on icons
Threeband starring the incredible Suzi Gee
Planetboy - planet facts, quotes, songs from the planet geezer
Michael Shaw Photography. Michael is the photographer extraordinaire for any function.
Find out what's going on in the world
Nick Clow
Brothers in Arms video
Strumbums live
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