"Whether it's his crooning soulful singing or blistering guitar solos, you won't fail to be mesmerized by his talents."
Richard Branson
               With songs from
Sinatra to Hendrix
Repertoire is everything when playing to an audience. Andy has honed his skills over a lifetime of playing with bands and as a soloist. He has built and constructed  a repertoire of quite remarkably diverse music in order to create the perfect set for any occassion. This includes a dinner set of classic gentle jazz standards, an acoustic set, a swing set of Sinatra and Buble favourites as well as the great big band tunes. A dance set that plunders the best songs from all the eras including 60's, Motown, 70's disco, and everything up to more contemporary classics. A rock and blues set that features some guitar greats such as Santana, Clapton, Hendrix, Dire Straits, BB King, Muddy Waters and many more.
"I try to read the audience and let them dictate where our musical adventure will be taking us for that evening"